Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New music in October

After longer rotation of single playlist in Radio Petenyi during summer, new music is playing now in October. Artits like Ben Folds, Bloc Party, Foo Fighters, Nada Surf or The National have contributed several songs, many others are represented by 1 or 2 songs like Death Cab for Cuties or Sigur Ros.

Some older songs of Silkworm can be heard, because no new songs from this band might come out in future. Michael Dahlquist died tragically on July, 14th.

The show must go on - several old songs from Queen are played by some new bands.

You might like to listen to Radio Petenyi, if you are in music with personal touch. It might be melodic pop song or rock song with distorted guitars. My choice of songs is very personal, there is no other motivation behind than a wish to give you what this music gives me.


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