Sunday, December 10, 2006

My personal list of best songs in 2006

Hi, all music fans! This is another try to start a blog on music. There are already so many good ones on the net, so I have to try to be a little different. At the beginning, here is my short story.

There are so many ways how to help to spread news about songs we love and I have simply chosen one of them - an internet radio. It is called Radio Petenyi, it is running on, and is non-commercial, non-profit radio that is here only for your listening pleasure. To make it more fun, you can hear there short audio clips from movies, concerts or even some private recordings of my 6 years old son that sings Mates of States or Flaming Lips ;-) ...

If it sound interesting to you, now it is the best moment to try it. The radio is playing 7 hours of music that represents my choice of the best albums in this year. Bellow you should see the last ten songs that have been played on Radio Petenyi:

Here is almost complete list of songs as available on the German edition of iTunes:

If you do not see any playlist in your news reader, open your browser at this link - .

You can start to learn more here:

Have nice days!


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