Friday, December 15, 2006

Top 6 of Top lists "Best of 2006"

My recent obsession with music blogs has shown me that I am not the only one who takes the end-of-the-year lists seriously. In fact, it has appeared to me recently that I can not consider myself anymore as being one who takes it enough seriously.

So instead presenting another personal list of best albums of this year (that can be found somewhere anyway), I present a short list of the best lists that describes even better my musical year 2006 - a lot of songs I like and even more songs I have missed.

The idea of "lists of lists" is not new, see, for instance, here. A comprehensive list is maintained by Largehearted Boy : 2006 Year-end music list .

To be now a person that can be distinguished at all, at the end of this post I add three songs that I did not found here:

6.) The Yellow Stereo: Our Favorite Albums of 2006

Compiled by several people. The best placement of The Submarines I saw.

5.) Speed of Dark: Indie Mom's Best of 2006 and Gramma's Favorites of 2006

Two very nice mixtures of indies and not so indies - the lists have been not finished yet.

4.) An Aquarium Drunkard: 2006 Year In Review, Pt 2 :: The 12 Albums

The best placement of Centro-matic I saw!

3.) Can You See the Sunset: Top Fifty of 2006

Well, I was searching for a list listing Rainer Maria and found even more here - again, they have been not finished yet!

2.) Indoor Fireworks: The Top Albums of 2006

The most compatible list mentioning Gomez, The Stills, The Dresden Dolls, ... Most of MP3 songs are only Mono 32 kBit/s.

1.) Neiles Life: Top Albums of 2006

It is not only that he offers 2 songs per each album from his list of 50 (!) best albums, it is really because of his choice of songs.

Examples what I am missing in those lists:

The Long Winters: Putting the Days to Bed

Rock songs with a personal touch. No, I do not have more clever formulation for a moment ;-( ...

Myspace | Amazon

Lakes: Photographs
White Flag

This is, in fact, an EP, but 5 very good songs - is that not enough for a best album?

Myspace | Amazon

Thriving Ivory: Selftitled
Angels On The Moon

Extremely melodramatic rock songs, but sometimes such extremes can work - do you remember Moulin Rouge from Baz Luhrmann?!

Myspace | Amazon


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Wow! Thank You Peter...I`m glad you enjoyed the list..Thanks For reading...and I`ll add your blog to my links when I get a min

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