Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Radio that plays songs of 2007 only

Finally! Several great albums have occurred in this year and even more songs have been offered from upcoming albums of the same quality - Radio Petenyi can now play only songs of the year 2007!

Here is the list of some of those albums - this is your hand made music metablog :-O ... :

To be released:

Andrew Bird: Armchair Apocrypha (amazon.com); March 20

Aqualung: Memory Man; March 13

Bright Eyes: Four Winds; March 6
Muzak For Cybernetics: Bright Eyes - Four Winds: "he returns with a new album Cassadaga to be released on April 10th. But before we can hear those tracks, we are offered his new EP entitled Four Winds which features the first single from the album, as well as four unreleased tracks. If these are the unreleased tracks, the LP should be amazing."

Cloud Cult: The Meaning Of 8; April 10, (buy mp3s)
FreeIndie.Com: Cloud Cult: "Aside from Cloud Cult's use of cellos, trumpets and flutes, this six piece from Minneapolis breaks the conventional rock band mold by incorporating art into their repertoire. During their live shows, two visual artists join the band on stage, and transform the music into paintings on large canvases that are later auctioned off to the audience. They then donate most of this money to environmental protection organizations."

Dinosaur Jr.: Beyond; May 1
Neiles Life: Almost Friday: "Hey remember the band Dinosaur Jr??....Well they finally are set to release their first album in almost a decade and I got a sneek peek yesterday. I must say it went 'BEYOND' (album name) my expectations!"

Idlewild: Make Another World; March 8

Kings of Leon: Because of the Times; February 22
Neiles Life: KOL - Because Of The Times: "I`m anxiously counting down the days until the new Kings Of Leon album Because Of The Times ...Its coming out April 3 and from what I hear the songs are so much bigger and the band is so much better."

: Drums & Guns; March 20

Maria Taylor
: Lynn Teeter Flower, March 6
Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good � Maria Taylor - Lynn Teeter Flower: "I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Maria Taylor is one of the hardest working ladies is the music industry.

Modest Mouse: We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank; March 13

Patrick Wolf: Magic Position; March, 29

Softlightes: Say No to Being Cool Say Yes to Being Happy, February, 15

The Go Find: Stars on the Wall, April 2007

The Swimmers: Fighting Trees; Spring 2007, (stream)

Winterkids: Memoirs; March 2007 (Japan)
Who Needs Radio?: "The WinterKids hail from the UK, and apparently are already stirring up a lot of buzz around them here in the States. Surprise, surprise. ... The Kids will be playing a few shows here in NYC before heading out to SXSW, so check their page for dates."
Who Am I Kidding.mp3

Released in 2007:

Apples in Stereo: New Magnetic Wonder
An Aquarium Drunkard � Apples In Stereo :: New Magnetic Wonder: "You could hardly fault the casual Elephant Six fan for being under the impression The Apples In Stereo had long ago disbanded; after all, five years is a long time for an artist or group to go without a record. But here we are in 2007 and Robert Schneider and company have returned with New Magnetic Wonder, and it’s quite possibly their best full length since 1995s Fun Trick Noisemaker."

Bloc Party: Weekend in the City

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Some Loud Thunder

Dark Romantics: Some Midnight Kissin

Dartz: This is My Ship

Loney Dear: Loney Noir
It's hard to Find a Friend: The Meter Marks ok: "I've been spending alot of time with Loney, Dear's newest work Loney Noir . Loney Dear is Emil Svanängen, a swede who writes delicate orchestrated bedroom pop. Loney, Dear is currently on a U.S. tour, you may find the dates here."

Mezzanine Owls: Slingshot Echoes

Friend & Foe

Rantings of Eva: Lowering the Curtain on Memphis
Come Pick Me Up: the Rantings of Eva: "I got a message about the release of the band's first official EP - Lowering The Curtain On Memphis. ... This Atlanta based band, in my opinion, is phenomenal."
Another Memory of You.mp3

Sloan: Never Heard the End of it

Radio Petenyi plays at least one song from all of these albums, you can start to listen here.

Finally - a song sung by students during their demonstration last week here in Heidelberg:
Bleib stehen, wenn du zahlen willst.mp3


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