Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Ruins - The Sound They Make

New Ruins - The Sound They Make (A Hidden Agenda Record)

Parasol records: The Sound They Make is the debut album from East Central Illinois duo New Ruins ... New Ruins architects Elzie Sexton and J.Caleb have been making music together for a decade and there is an intimacy between the two here that rivals friendship and brotherhood. Compared to: Ugly Casanova, Iron & Wine, Talk Talk, Mojave 3, Silver Jews, and John Fahey.

Faronheit: "Whether or not you recognize it as such, the good town of Champaign, IL is something of a musical mecca. Just after the grunge movement ended people were attempting to name Champaign as the new Seattle ... In 2007 I'm proud to present to you yet another Champaign band that's set to do big things: New Ruins ... As immediate references I'd say their sound is most akin to Death Cab for Cutie or Pete Yorn, with a little Mojave 3 and Iron & Wine thrown in there ..."

Listen: Ships


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