Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fuuunji - Over the distance

On a rainy evening in Miyazaki I heard the wondeful song Over the distance from the band Fuuunji. They performed it in a passage where we hided ourselves from the rain. They sold a CD with the song and the song became my audio memory of our wonderful days in Japan. The song can be heard now in Radio Petenyi.

The band has got myspace page, a preview of the song can be heard also there:

From my friend Shigetoshi Yazaki I got this explanation for the name of the band that I have misspelled firstly to be fununji, not believing that fuuunji can be right ...

Shige says:

"Fuu means winds
Un means clouds
Ji means earth.

But the original meaning of Fuu-un-ji [風雲児] is "a hero [an adventurer] of the troubled times"

Fuu-un means "the state of affairs; the situation" (the other meaning is "winds and clouds").
Sometimes we use Fuu-un such as "make a name by taking advantage of [capitalizing on] social unrest."

They don't use Fuu-un-ji [風雲児], but invent new combination and use Fuu-un-ji [風雲地] (they use another "ji"). The original ji [児] means "guy", and this ji [地] means "earth, ground".

In the web page, they explain the reanson why they use Fuu-un-ji [風雲地]:

1) the (reckless) challenging spilit such that they become a guy who can blow new winds to the music scene of all over japan, not only Miyazaki.

2) one guy (Morimoto) makes a wind-like sound, and the other guy (Ikkyuu) make a thunder-(cloudy)-like sound. they make a wish to become a musician.

The usage of the in japanese, for example,
You should be more realistic in planning your future.
In this case, we use the phrase:
to have your feet on the ground; or be down to earth
ji [地] means these ground and earth

Then they mixed and invented a double meaning in Fuu-un-ji
(winds-clouds-guy and -earth)."

Well, it is nice lecture on Japanese language ...

[Listen to Radio Petenyi]

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