Monday, October 13, 2008

Margot & Nuclear So and So's

From Wikipedia: "Two Margot full lengths were released on Oct. 7, 2008 - Animal! (vinyl and online download) and Not Animal (CD, vinyl, and online download). All releases were by Epic Records.

There have been delays in the release of Margot's second full length due to disagreements between the band and Epic records regarding the song selection of the album. Animal! is Margot's preferred version of their second full-length, while Not Animal is Epic's. Five songs appear on both releases (there are 12 tracks on each album). On their Myspace page, the band has said they would like fans to listen to Animal first."

New songs from Margot & Nuclear So and So's, Ben Folds, Maps & Atlases and Hello Saferide in Radio Petenyi.

[Listen to Radio Petenyi]

A hand made music metablog - the songs found by me to be found by you to be ...
heard in Radio Petenyi.


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