Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another favorite songs of 2000s in Radio Petenyi

Today, new "favorite songs of this decade" were added to the playlis of Radio Petenyi: Travis, The National, Constantines, Sufjan Stevens, and Drive by Truckers. You can listen now to more than 5 hours of the finest music of this decade in CD quality - 75 songs as chosen from Aquarium Drunkard (50) and Vague Space (25)!

Do you know music blog with similar taste offering the choice of favorite albums/songs of 2000s? Let me know!

The playlist is updated on a regular basis, listeners will decide who is playing the next week and who will be replaced.

[Listen to Radio Petenyi]

A hand made music metablog - the songs found by me to be found by you to be ...
heard in Radio Petenyi.



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