Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Favorite albums of 2003-2009 in Radio Petenyi


Centro-matics: Love You Just the Same


William Shatner: Has Been

In fact, the best album was from Modest Mouse: Good News for People Who Love Bad News, but it would be boring to list this band each year they release an album (similarly for the period with the Beatles ...). Another extraordinary album was from Matthew Sweet: Kimi Ga Suki Raifu, released in 2004 only in Japan.


Wir Sind Helden: Von Hier An Blind

Another fantastic album - Mate of States: Bring it Back.


Gomez: How We Operate

Another excellent album - Centro-matic: Fort Recovery.


Cloud Cult: The Meaning of 8

Of course, the best album was by Modest Mouse: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. And if I would be in Japan in 2007, and not in 2008, the album Memoirs from Winterkids (now Flight of Kites) would take the posititon.

Frightened Rabbit: Midnight Organ Fight


Fanfarlo: Reservoir

Another excellent newcomer - Grammatics: Grammatics.

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