Monday, January 31, 2011

Radio Petenyi 2010 only is dead! Long live "Radio Petenyi 2011 & SXSW"!

We continue in a tradition and rename for the 6th year our radio at the beginning of new year. This time the new title of radio reflects our plans to visit SXSW this March in Austin. We hope to see even more great concerts like we did in year 2003 (Okkervil River,  The Frames, Vic Chesnutt, Califone, Carissa's Weird, Liz Phair, ...).

The biggest advantages of SXSW and its enormous quantity of bands is that it brings several bands that we consider to be fantastic, but the crowd in Austin does not seems to recognize it. We hope to see some of our favorite bands in small venues standing just few meters from the podium.

One of such bands might be Bad Veins. Three songs of them have been added to the current playlist of Radio Petenyi 2011 & SXSW.




Bad Veins

Fake Baby (lower quality MP3 file, for almost CD quality listen to Radio Petenyi)

[Listen to Radio Petenyi]
A hand made music metablog - the songs found by me to be found by you to be ... heard in Radio Petenyi.



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